A stabilized liquid latex additive that is designed to increase the filtration control,

bonding strength, gas migration control and acid resistance in cement slurries. VC-SL3

obtains reduced permeability of set cement and coats the outer edge of the cement slurry,

causing a tighter bond to any surface. VC-SL3 also possesses secondary characteristics as a

free water and suspension additive. VC-SL3 is compatible with most cementing additives

and functions at bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) of ambient to 400°F. It is

recommended that proper dispersants (VC-FR2L/VC- FR3L) and defoamers (VC-AFL) are used

with any latex bonding agents. VC-SL3 is extremely effective when added in conjunction

with VC-AG1 (anti-gas migration/free-water additive) and compatible with other additives

found in the Valor product line.